Fix the L8

A faster and more reliable Route 8 for Seattle.

The Urbanist Op-Ed: Route 8 or Route Late? Help Us Fix Seattle’s Least Reliable Bus Route

Check out our op-ed in The Urbanist (by Nick Sattele) asking readers to sign the letter to fix Route 8.

That’s why at Central Seattle Greenways, we’re partnering with the Transit Riders Union to launch our Fix The L8 campaign to get bus lanes on Denny Way in Uptown and SLU. Bus lanes have been found to increase reliability by 25%, increase bus speed by 20%, decrease collisions by 16%, and reduce driver travel delay. All while boosting ridership. And the city has a history of quickly deploying them. During the 2021 Montlake Bridge closures, it took just five days from idea to completion to install bus lanes along NE Campus Parkway in the University District.

But we need your help. The city doesn’t have any plans to fix the 8 and Denny Way. Send a letter to tell elected leaders and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to fix this corridor and share your experiences with (or avoidance of) Route 8 and Denny Way.