Fix the L8

A faster and more reliable Route 8 for Seattle.

Read Ryan Packer’s “How to Solve a Problem Like Denny Way” in The Urbanist

Ryan Packer is an amazing transportation journalist in Seattle, and they have published an article in The Urbanist about Denny Way documenting the problems with the street and the Route 8 bus.

Data from King County Metro shows that following Amazon’s shift toward more in-person work on May 1, on-time reliability on the Route 8 plummeted, going from 77.1% of trips throughout the day being considered on-time (within 5 minutes) in April to 64.1% in May and 57.9% in June, rebounding only slightly in July. During peak evening commute hours of 3pm to 7pm, when demand to get on I-5 from Denny Way heading eastbound is at its highest, on-time reliability has been hovering around 40%. This is even lower than pre-pandemic lows experienced on the 8, with 54% of trips in July of 2019 being recorded as late.

Ryan notes that SDOT is working on minor tweaks to the stoplights and repaving, but “[u]ltimately, after all of these investments are completed, Denny Way will remain a street where car and truck throughput remains the top priority for the city.”

You can change this! Take action to send an email to SDOT, City Council, and King County officials to add bus lanes on Denny Way!